Senior Data Scientist (contract)

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Chris Gardner
Senior Consultant
+1 (646) 844 - 5743

Senior Data Scientist - Remote (NYC)


Our partner is a parametric insurance solution for carriers. They are transforming the air cargo insurance process into a fast, transparent, and cost-efficient experience for both the policyholders and insurers. Powered by proprietary technologies in data-activated triggers, smart contracts, and integrated digital wallets, they reduce claim resolution times from 45 days to 45 minutes, lowering admin costs by 90%.


General role description

  • Contract or part-time position, with potential to turn into full-time.
  • 20-30 hours per week expected
  • Build and deploy simple machine learning models for our business applications
  • Augment existing processes with machine-learned data to generate accurate predictions for flight delays
  • incorporate new data features into existing models
  • Adjust models to apply to different market verticals, initially from air passengers to air cargo, and then sea cargo, ground cargo, etc


Learn and understand the current machine learning code base and data, which currently consists mostly of historical flight schedules and historical weather data using Random Forest classifier.




  • Understanding business objectives and developing models that help to achieve them
  • Develop and maintain machine learning models, and conduct regular backtesting
  • Apply models on new and real-time data for predictions
  • Defining the preprocessing or feature engineering to be done on a given dataset
  • Working with existing data sets (aviation) and evaluating new data sets for ancillary data to existing products and exploring new markets
  • Validating and cleaning data sets
  • Analyzing the errors of the model and designing strategies to overcome them
  • Deploying models to production
  • Visualization of data in Tableau or PowerBI


  • Python
  • SQL (MySQL)
  • Jupyter Notebook
  • Tableau or PowerBI, Visualization
  • Web scraping, API ingesting
  • AWS (S3, EC2, ML/AI services)
  • Flask